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Originally Posted by muss2k1
Hmm, so how does it look for the Tmo in Jan/Feb? I wish we got some confirmation for the Tmo so i know whether to keep the 8700 or not because I am on the 14 day trial. You think we'll know in a week or two? Should i return the 8700 and just wait for the tmo 8800? I know i can sell it and get the 8800 but it will be a waste of time and money if the tmo is coming out real soon. AHH
Sorry but this is the only news I can get is from my friend at Cingular. As far as T-Mo, I do not have a clue. RIM is even harder to get news out of!

I hope both carriers are going to deliver. From what my friend says RIM has and is making a butt load of these 8800 units as they expect sales to be VERY good. I know my RIM stock that I bouth for about $25 is pushing $100! I will be selling soon as what goes up fast can fall just as quickly!