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Hello everyone. I just got my first-ever blackberry (8700c) last night. I purchased it unlocked off Ebay, and it works great. I am using Cingular service with it. I hooked it to my computer, re-reflashed it with Cingular software, it's working good.

Of course, there's that one thing I am not sure about. I have some questions too:

Firstly, I cannot find, for the life of me, the webbrowser that I can launch and use Cingular's network with it (I use pay-per-kb option, 1cent per KB). I would like to use that browser for, among others, downloading Gmail's mobile Java program (which is SWEET!), check my bank statement, etc. I researched installing miniOpera browser, but I just can't imagine my crackberry didn't come with a webbrowser!!! I freshly installed the latest device software off Cingular's website (v4.1.0.175). If the webbrowser is installed, it must be very well hidden, as I looked everywhere and I consider myself to be a somewhat savvy gadget (really quite lame otherwise) user.

Second question is about the service that BlackBerry provides, where you can log in and manage your Gmail synch with your bbry. How much does it cost? I tried registering, but the thing would error out saying "unexpected error" every time I attempted to provide them with my pin and bbry number (whatever they call that number).

Thirdly, I was wondering how you all, my crackberry fellows, are using your devices. For example, which providers do you have, how much do you pay for your plan, for your data, for your SMS, and what is the most cost-effective option with Cingular. Tell me some neat things you're doing, such as using GPS applications and similar things.

4thly, do you think using Gmail's java application is better than synching my bbry through POP3? What app in the OS drives POP3 synchronization?

Thank you all in advance. Keep on checking your crackberries!

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