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Originally Posted by tr4driver
Unfortunately, I don't think your existing data plan will work. You'll have to sign up for a Blackberry specific plan. The cheapest one they have in my area is $29.99 (after a $5.00 discount for a voice plan). I don't think it includes text messages (SMS).

That's the only complaint I have about the BB... the cost of the plan. I had a $9.99 data plan with my old phone that would have worked fine for me. I doubt I would have ever busted out to $29.99 worth of overuse. However, with my unlimited plan, I'm using the heck out of it (to make sure I get my money's worth! <grin>).

Good luck!

$29.99??? No SMS?


Not to get too excited too early, I did send a few SMS messages right away, and I will be charged 10 cents a piece for them, so I'm glad that at least that works. I would love to be able to use internet on pay-per-use basis, but we'll see.

BTW, I pay $9.95 for my high-speed internet service at HOME! I mean, c'mon. There's a lot more data that flows through that pipe for only $9.95!!!

Keep on replyin' and telling me good stuff people!

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