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Hi everyone, I am new here (1st post) and decided to finally register and ask a few questions if I could.

1st off, Barjohn thank you for taking the time to do the reviews. Greatly appreciated.

With a 7100g, I orginially had decided to get a Jabra BT250 but read on several occassions that the wind and any background noise is a problem, so that scratch that one. I read your entire report here and learn a lot.

1) In your opinion, which the better headset overall, M3000 or ET2000?

I see both have many Pros and Cons between the two. I listened to your sound recordings and the Tekkeon seemed to have a fuller sound to me over the M3000 although I could here slightly less background noise with the M3000 on your recording, but there wasn't very much difference between the two items. You state the Plantronic had issues with the calling party hearing you and the Tekkeon was not designed very well with the Ear hook device.

2) Has the M3000 called party volume issue been resolved?

I really don't like the design of the Tekkeon much and can see how you would worry if the ear hook is not used and it falls out, but sound quality if very important for me.

I use a plantronic wireless device at work and it works great and the sound is very very good. The design is almost identical to the M3000, but it has a longer boom mic where as the M3000 doesn't have an extension. If the size is the only draw back, I am not really worried about that.

I read on, the BT800 has known compatibility issues with blackberry devices.

I am at a lost with the Motorolas HS 8XX line. I have seen about a 50/50 percentage (love/hate) on these and that is hard to determine who is right and is wrong. Both have valid points which make it even harder to decide, so I just decided not to go with Motorola to resolve that issue.

3) What do you think about or know about the HBH-660?

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