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Originally Posted by JimCollins
I have updated the OS on the device to version, which is the lasted version for the Cingular 8700c. Stopping just the specific RIM services for the BES does not seem to help the user for more than a few minutes, then it goes right back into its fit mode. I agree I should not have to reboot the BES for one user. It seems to be the only thing that works for more than a few hour to a few days. Rebooting the BES seems to get the user to work for about a month. Then is throws a hissy fit again. It is a frustrating issue, but not one that is not worked around. Just donít like rebooting the server all the time.
I'm not sure why you said that being unable to send with Cingular is not unusual. I've had Cingular BlackBerry service for several years - and support several hundred Cingular users without a problem.

The current version of OS available from Cingular is (package version And yes, I see it's already been said.

You didn't mention what version BES you're running, or whether or not you did the Enterprise Activation Over The Air or Wired. We're still running BES 4.0 and find that OTA EA is not reliable and it's not unusual for the service book to get corrupted up to two months after an OTA EA. We do not find this problem using Desktop Manager and doing an EA wired (and we don't have to get an OTA password from the BES Admins). One issue with a Wired EA is that for some reason it can't be done over a wireless (802.11) connection (probably too much encryption bogging down the communication).

We have also found that not performing a full wipe on a device before activating causes problems. I would suggest upgrading to the current OS (which will wipe the device) and doing the EA wired.