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Default Obscure Question (not using my BB for data)

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Hello All,

I bought a 7750 with Bell Mobility, but I'm not on a data plan, just voice (mobile e-mail and Internet is not something I really want or need). Because of this, the "Data Connection Refused" message is always at the top of the Home Screen - I'm curious if there is any way to stop the BlackBerry from trying to connect with data? I'm sort of doubtful, since the BB wasn't designed with this purpose in mind.

I'm curious if has any one ever tried removing the Browser application (including the SSL/TLS and JavaScript packages, and the DOD Root Certificates)? Would this be a bad idea? I noticed the Browser is always running in the list when you switch between applications, so I'm thinking that the OS will be looking for it. There's only 756KB of free file space (12.5MB used), although this should be lots for addresses/contacts/memos/tasks - but I wouldn't mind freeing up more space if I can.

Also, does the phone call log get archived automatically, or does it have a maximum number of entries?

I also just wanted to say that I was a Palm user for 4 years (the last year was with a Treo 180), and so far I'm quite happy with the BB as a PIM. I like using the jog dial instead of a pen. I also like a keyboard a bit more than the Treo's. I was tempted to go for the Treo 600, but found it too small for my liking - the 7750 is kinda big, but the size of the screen is worth it for me. When I was deciding if I wanted to go with the BB, I read lots of opinions which said if you're not using the BB for e-mail then you're wasting your money. I have to disagree. The BB appears to function very well as a phone/address book/day planner/notepad, especially with v4.0 (having categories on everything made me really happy, especially when using MemoPad and the Address Book)