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Originally Posted by ToeRag
I just bought a bluetooth keyboard for my 7100i --

I was VERY disappointed to find out that I now need my IT system admin to "un-lock" some security features via a proceedure on the server.

I've made my request, and am still waiting for a reply(1 week ago). Apparently the 7100i needs to have the EventInjection rule relaxed to allow the keyboard to work.

I'm hoping the admin doesn't comeback to me and say sorry -- it's a security risk - no can do!

I would have hoped ThinkOutside would have warned of such a requirement - to perspective customers. I bought the device as NEW on Ebay - but did my reasearch prior to buying. It appeared that there were no such issues. They even bragged how ona particular model the driver could be install over the air!

buyer beware..... fingers crossed.
Please use this if it works:

1. Open the [Options] item.
2. Highlight the [Advance Options] option and click track wheel.
3. Highlight the [Applications] option and click track wheel.
3. Open the [device Menu] and select [Modules] and click track wheel.
4. Highlight the [SmartKeyboard_US] driver and open menu options.
5. Select the [Edit Permissions] menu item.
6. Select the [Interactions] list item.
7. Select the [Expand] menu item.
8. Select the [Keystroke Injector] list item.
9. Select [Allow] menu item.
10. Exit and Save