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Finished Testing my Motorola HS820 earpiece. The big con for me was that the caller can barely, barely hear me. In a normal tone of voice in a quiet background I still sound like a tiny mouse speaking from the bottom of a deep well! I never even got to test this one at my nightclub, because if people couldn't hear me from home, they'd never hear me from the club at all. The HS820 was loud enough on MY end, just not on the other end.

Now I have the Jabra BT250V I didn't want the Vibrate model, but that's all they had, so I decided to try it. I thought it would work the same as the BT250 Freespeak. However, I've noticed that although the weight and sound quality seem the same, the features ARE NOT!! It will NOT answer a second incoming call. It will NOT redial. My Jabra BT250 did both without a problem. Does this vary by device or is this an issue with the "Vibrating" model? I don't know and Jabra isn't saying. I've emailed them with several questions and received no response.

The Vibrating feature is okay, it wasn't "weird" or startling or anything. There is a multi-function button on the phone that you are supposed to "tap" to answer incoming calls. Instead I must hold it down for 3 seconds in order to answer incoming calls. I'm supposed to hold that button down for a couple of seconds to switch to a second incoming call. Instead the earpiece hangs up on BOTH calls if the button is tapped or held down.

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