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Default Facts

Blackberry 8703 is super!
Nextel Two Way is super
Nextel needed frequencies and high speed Internet
Sprint needed towers and two way
Put it together and you have the best system in the country.... Once they put it together... in the mean time, it's called Hybrid...

Hybrid is a great service.... roam on Sprint or Verizon for the phone "Voice" and use the walkie talkie for two way on the nextel tower system for now... remember, once they put it together totally, walkie talkie and cdma coverage will be on the total system with the ability to roam on voice between cdma networks. There is no roaming agreements on data at this time, but I'm told they are working on a data roaming agreement...

Long story short... there is already a Blackberry Nextel with two way radio... all they need to do is upgrade the phone to an 8700 platform and recode the frequencies..., NOW THAT IS THE PHONE I HOPE TO SEE IN THE NEXT NINETY DAYS...., then, I can scrap the Nextel and the bare 8703 that is with Sprint and only have to have one phone!

Wish list.... Dear Blackberry, Please make a large and small 8703.... I will use the large as a basic laptop that browses the Internet, email, and whatever... with a Samsung Q1 type of size and platform... keep the little guy for going to dinner and sitting around... the big one for 70% of the time.... my thumbs are getting short!

God Bless all and Happy New Year,

Gary "Gator" Matthews at Airboatusa dot com