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Default Help! Phone Icon & Phone missing from 7210

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I own a Blackberry 7210 through ATT Wireless. I am leaving for Europe tomorrow and this past week upgraded my handheled to the last software and installed some third party apps like a country code database. Everything seemed fine.

When I went to make a call - I noticed that my phone icon is gone. I tried the phoen shortcut key - nothing. I called the phone # and left a message and the message icon shows up, but I cannot find the phone anywhere or check the message from the handheld.

Meanwhile I stupidly deleted the software for the actual handheld (not the desktop). I was going to re-install that and skip the third party apps, but I cannot find the link to that particular sofwtare anywhere. I have been on ATT&T's site, and RIM and must just be too rushed to see the right one. I also do not have the disc of the orginal software, because it is Sat.

The options menu says a phone is installed, but even in my contacts, I can no longer choose "calll xxx"

Can someone please provide the link tot he handheld software I need or anyway to do a reset andget my phone cabk? I really appreacite your help.

Thank you,