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Since you guys are so good at handling email functions of BB, I suggest you to look at another highly in demand email add-on for BB, let's call it "GTD Addon for BB". Here is a copy of the current GTD addon for Outlook:

Getting Things Done Outlook Add-In Support

Many people swear by it. I use it myself and it has saved ton of time for me. Basically this addon does the following:

When you read your emails, you can assign a few tags to the emails, for example, @office, @car, @computer, @call, @project etc. Signing the tags will trigger some simple actions to the email and categorize it accordingly, so that you can follow up easily and know how to process it. For example, when you are out driving, you can simply go to all the emails labeled as @car, and process those, and if you are close to computer, you will look through all your @computer emails, and process those. After these are processed, you label them as "finished" and they are archived.

Another important feature is, one of the tags enables the user to place a copy of that email into a new appointment in the calendar at specified date so that user can be alerted when that time comes. Very very handy.

In the BB software market, there isn't any GTD addon for emails yet. And I feel it will be a huge hit if someone can write such an addon.

The ONLY thing that is close to GTD is the TodoMatrix, but it is only a wonderful to do management tool that could be used for GTD purpose, but it has nothing to do with managing and processing email inbox - the major function of BB.

For your reference, there is a GTD for Gmail extension here that might give you some hints:

GTDGmail - The Firefox Extension that Combines Gmail with Getting Things Done - home

Hopefully you guys will take on this task, and wish you the best success if you do.

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