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Originally Posted by GrayPenguin
It says on my bill that i have the BBRYUNL ALL4(Eff02/03/07 ). Does anybody know what this means(the Eff02/03/07 part)? Also, When I check my data usage, I have unlimited data, and also unlimited text. Is this right? The weird thing is that it says $0.00 next to the BBRYUNL.

Added Features

Monthly Cost
Unlimited Shared $9.99
IMS APN Feature $0.00
BBRYUNL ALL4 (Eff02/03/07 ) $0.00

What is the Unlimited share?

Any insight appreciated and thanks in advance.
I just switched my data plan around as well because I just realized that my email address qualified for premier. So, the same thing was added to my account "BBRYUNL_ALL4(Eff02/03/07 )" except the date was 3/10/07. While it does say $0.00 next to it, I believe at some point it is supposed to update to $39.99 (if you wanted the 1000 txt msg along with your BIS unlimited data). The date refers to the point at which your promotion ends, which right now is unlimited txt msgs for one month. It probably also coincides with your monthly billing cylce. Your premier discount will reduce the $39.99 by whatever percentage your premier account allows, in my case 15%. This $39.99 price is after the $5 discount for having a voice plan. So, in my case I will pay $50.99 for 900 min./mo with rollover and $33.99 (with my 15% premier discount) for unlimited BIS data and 1000 txt msgs. However, until 3/10/07 I guess I get unlimited txt since they are running that promotion right now. I have no idea what unlimited share guess is something to do with a family type plan, but I am just guessing. BTW, I am able to tether with the Pearl to my laptop with no additional charges. Hope that helps a little if you were still confused.