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What's up y'all?

So I just got my BB 7290 today and we are debating on the best way to connect to email. We're a small business - 2 BB users (Can't afford $1,500 for BES).

1. The BB manual made it seem like you can use the Redirector software even if you don't have an inhouse email server. We've been trying to get it to work, but it keeps giving us Memory errors when it tries to initialize. Can we actually use Redirector if we don't have Microsoft Exchange?

2. Also, is there no hope for the poor BB users who don't want to have to constantly delete emails from the BB and desktop. Is any other way to sync emails? Does redirector do that?

3. Regarding file sizes. The T-Mobile rep mentioned that the BB doesn't download all emails but that it just shows the subject title and you can open/ download only those emails that you really want to see. Is this true, or does it download ALL email. It's seems like a junk mail is a part of everyone's life these days. What's the best way to combat this? Currently, I use filters within Microsoft Outlook 2003 to move most of my junk email to either the "trash" or "junk" folders. If forward all emails to my BB, then I'll have to sift through all that junk on the road. This is especially important for me as I do a lot of international travel. When roaming, every MB downloaded is money.

Thanks so much for the info. This forum is great!