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Originally Posted by jibi
I think it has more to do with the fact that they aren't a multimedia company and the added costs of supporting a bunch of clueless individuals who can't seem to follow instructions correctly (or have absolutely no clue when it comes to media conversions, etc). Additional, unneeded support costs are some of the top reasons why certain companies don't expand their horizons and offerings. They are not a software company and have never claimed to be one (aside from their enterprise and OS offerings), with very few exceptions (Yahoo messenger, etc). They never issued guides on how to make WAV or MP3 files, or program MIDI files, etc., so why should they give that attention and luxury for video files? Just my opinion.
Excellent points. I could see tech support for video would open a whole can of worms in terms of additional costs.

I'd be curious about the reasons behind the decision not to touch the subject whatsoever. I think it's legal, but could be a combination of factors including those you mention.

I'd write them and ask, but they would refer the question to their lawyers in which case I would not get a response.