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Default The question of Headset...

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Okay folks, I would like to get your advice, Let me explain. I have searched and gone back and forward between stores and like often times, I came out with nothing purchased.

So, After years on the normal cell phone... I have decided to be on BB. Everything is great except the phone doesn't really live up to standards and you can read all about it while under search. So, the natual thing to do is to get an external headset. Question number 1, if I get a good headset, will blackberry behave better? in terms of call quality? Anyways.. Here are some other questions.

My week has been monday to friday, conference calls with internal teams, then customers, then airport, then car. etc.. you get the idea. And listening to others on the phone with cell phone, often time I wonder if I do sound the same. With black berry, i have received some feedback that voice tends to drop in and out. One great thing I found is the position of the microphone, which I will note that from now on.

So, my life is a mobile warrior and that will never change. The question number 2 is, to bluetooth or not to bluetooth. To be honest, statics coming out of the phone sometimes worries me. I have decided that I should get a wired earphone piece and not bluetooth because of fear of frequency closer to brain and charging another unit is a pain in the butt!. I have enough stuff to charge, and Don't want to add another to the mix. But, have you guys thought about what bluetooth may do to health? Anyways, that may be debatable.

Question 3, apparently, the has this bigger DSP processor that is suppose to be real good at tuning out external noise. After listening to demo sounds from the website, I am impressed, but still doesn't sound too good. In fact, I have listened to other bluetooth modules and still does not impress. So, my assumption is that bluetooth will never be as good as wire headsets.

That leads to Question 4, I was looking at two products that are wired earpieces, one from Plantronics MX505 and Theboom. One is 30 bucks another is 150. Theboom really impressed me a lot!.. but will it be as good when it is on black berry 8700C that I have? Another question is, Question 5, for those that have both or tried both, what are your take on it? is it worth additional 140 bucks to get theboom? that is suppose to be the caviar of headsets?

Question 6. I am real confused, I believe in spending one time and last for a good period of time. Would you guys recommend Theboom? MX505? or going to bluetooth? Have you had this dillemma before? One thing for sure, for any of BB owners, there is no way that we can sound as good and as confident as we do in person without a headset..

Any feedback is appreciated... I am leading towards theboom.... but it is an investment hopefully will pay off... the problem is, if blackberry is the source, i guess no matter how good of earpiece I get, will mean nothing.

Sorry for the long message.... please share your thoughts and advice. Thanks.