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Originally Posted by NJBlackBerry
What does "discontinue service" mean? Shut them off? I highly doubt it.
No where in my post does it say "discontinue service".
Here is is again:

Cingular just discontinued the 7130c

I called tech support and they will continue support and service.
What I'm saying here is that Cingular has discontinued selling the 7130c, it's removed from their web site and when I asked a sales person he would not even quote a price becuase they are not selling them any longer.

I called Cingular tech support and they said they are continuing to provide support for them, even though they are no longer carrying them.

That said, frankly I'm looking for other peoples reaction to this and what they think.

Since I have one and it's favorite BlackBerry I'm a bit suprized they are doing this. The 7130 as you know is right in the middle of RIM's lineup in terms of size. If all the carriers and Rim is going to drop this model, then we will have just two form factors and sizes to choose from.

Also considering the 7130c is a year newer than the 8700c I'm suprized with this move.

Anyone out there have any thoughts Ideas or facts about this development?

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