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Originally Posted by NJBlackBerry
My apologies - I read the post wrong.
I thought you wrote "Discontinue support and service".

My guess is that the Suretype form factor will be filled by the 8100 and they are making room for the next generatio 8800/8900 and decided not to continue the 7130.
No worries apology gratefully accepted.

I agree with your assesment, however I find such a gap in size between the Peal and the upcoming 8800 / 8900 and then the much speculated 9xxx.

It's my opinion, that if the reason was lack of sales, I put that on RIM and the carriers for not advertising the phone so that more people would be aware of it.

I bought a Pearl from Cingular and really wanted to like it, however in the end it just was not for me due to the small keypad. A very nice model, just did not work for me.

The 7130c is my favorite as it's one handed operation is the way I like to use it and the 8700c I have is disappointing in the keyboard department.

The new 8800 series appear to have much better shaped keys even though they will be closer together as the width is about 4mm less than the 8700c.

It will be very interesting to see how the product lineup from RIM rolls out this year.

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