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Out of curiosity (mainly for my battery life), how often does this app poll for the backlight having gone off for it to countdown? For instance, I have mine set to 30sec (ps: next version, can we get 45 and 60sec added?) -- given it's 30sec countdown, I'm wondering how often it actually is checking the handset.

Once it's in locked mode, I assume it stops polling altogether and only "wakes up" after the keyboard has been unlocked? (or the display becomes active?) Is there a seperate poll for this that's... longer?

One interesting side effect of using this that might be hard to catch if you're not looking close -- when you wake up the device after the backlight+lock has occured, the screen "goes white" for a split second before the normal mainscreen UI is redrawn.

- set it to 30secs, let the backlight turn off then wait for a lock
- press the pearlball (sic) to wake up the screen, watch carefully for the white flash (only happens for a split second) go ahead and Disable autolock, let it sleep again (either keypad locked or unlocked, doesn't seem to matter) and then press the pearlball to wake it up -- no white-screen-flash occurs. I'm curious why this is happening with AutoLock.

EDIT: with the above, I have a black background which makes the white flash appear more boldly. Linked below from where I found it, it looks awesome on the black Pearl with the T-Mobile Zen theme.

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