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Arrow "Signal strength checker" for all wireless providers... (and Q? about EDGE / EVDO)

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Hi everyone,

I am not sure if something like this exists, but here's my situation. I moved into a new house and my office space is in an area that cannot pick up a t-mobile signal.

Had a few questions...

a) I was wondering if something exists that would let me test the signal strength of each wireless provider so I could pick the provider with the strongest signal strength from this precise location (the exact spot in my house where I am typing to you from right now.)

b) Is there anything that can be bought to improve signal strength should I find that all providers have a weak signal in this spot? I am talking about something a lot more powerful than those "sticker" antennas you can place behind your battery cover. Something that will grab the signal from the air and "amplify" it.

Now some additional questions I had in the back of my mind...

c) Curious which technology has the fastest data-transfer to date? From the little research I've done, I have found "EVDO" and "EDGE", wondering which provider will provide me with the fastest service when it comes to web/email?

d) Can all the newer phones connect to a wireless broadband signal? I have wireless broadband in my house, would my phone automatically switch from the cellular network to the broadband network whenever it picked up the wireless broadband signal?

e) Can all newer blackberries use MS office (outlook, excel, word, etc)? The product descriptions I've read are not uniform and some have direct reference to those specific products (ie "comes with excel"), some say something a little more cryptic like "reads email attachments with spreadsheets"... ok, so does this mean it only reads excel when it comes as an email attachment, and does it also mean that it cannot EDIT or CREATE spreadsheets, only read them? I would assume if you can read them, you would need excel which would allow you to create, edit, read, etc... but I am not sure because of how these are worded.

Thanks everyone for your help!