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Originally Posted by dandrzejewski
a) I'm not sure if a device like that is made... but most wireless providers have a 15- or 30-day return policy, so you could try each one to see which works best.

b) Yes, you can purchase a repeater, but the good ones are expensive.

c) There are many different ones... EVDO is a "3G" technology offered by CDMA providers (e.g. Sprint, Verizon) that will give you fast broadband-like speeds over the mobile network. EDGE is offered by GSM providers (e.g. Cingular, T-Mobile) and is about as fast as an ISDN line, maybe a bit faster, but Cingular also offers UMTS/HSDPA which is their "3G" technology and is pretty fast.

d) Certain devices have WiFi. I can't recall if any BlackBerries have it, but there are some Smart Phones/PDAs that do feature WiFi.

e) Yes. You may need to download or purchase a 3rd-party application, however.
a) Yeah, I thought that was going to be tough. My first notion was to just try to get people over my house, ask them which provider they were with, and then check their phones in my office. OR go to a store that services all the different companies and ask to take like 5 phones back home with me (while leaving a deposit with them), but that could be a pain too.

b) Just googled "repeater" (didn't know that's what they were called or if they even existed) and found something called clear voice, which was $279. I would say that's a good price if it does what it says it does.

c) Between EDGE and EVDO, is there a standard difference in transfer rates? IE, between DSL and Cable, these can be enumerated... (ie 768kbps), just curious which one is "faster" ?

Additionally, as I research this more, it seems these technologies are a few years old. Is there anything in the pipleline for the near future which would be an even better cellular broadband technology?

Thanks again for your help!