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Originally Posted by Dubdub
EV-DO is marketed at "broadband" speeds and it is pretty fast in areas where the coverage is good, 750 Kbps up to 1.2 mbps. I have a Verizon aircard for my laptop and it works quite well and is plenty fast for my uses. Cingular 3G is supposed to be at least as fast.

EDGE, on the otherhand is not as fast, somewhere inthe neighborhood of 70-80 kbps up to a max of 236 kbps. On a handheld, it isn't really noticeable as the speed is dependent on too many other variables, such as the processor, connection, etc. I have found that EDGE on my BB is good enough.

No Blackberrys to date have wifi, although newer models are reportedly going to be so equipped. Not sure of the benefit however as you need a dataplan anyway for email and Internet connectivity.
I may be missing something, but I figured if the ev-do and edge technologies were not as fast as wifi, the benefit would be being able to tap into that faster service when I am at home... though paying for a data plan to use it everywhere else... plus, keeping with the theme of signal strength, a home wifi network would always have a strong signal...