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Originally Posted by Hausser
I have blackberry working just fine with Exchange server and CRM 3.0 working fine with that. When i send emails from Outlook there is a button to select for the email to be tracked (logged) by CRM which works great.

My problem is that any emails sent from Blackberry go out fine and are logged into the exchange Sent box but i cant get them to be logged to ms-CRM. There must be a way but how?

I tried all sorts of forwards, BCC: etc but no success. Any ideas?

I don't know MS CRM, but you asked for ideas...

When you send an email from your BB, put some kind of identifying code in the subject or body (like a * in the subject, or some code at the end of your signature). Then create a rule that marks an email for CRM when an email has that property. I imagine it will not be able to be a server side rule (and you may not even be able to mark it for CRM), so you'll have to run it manually.

If there's no way to have a rule mark it for CRM, create a folder called SentBB, and have the rule move all emails with your email in the FROM field, and the code above in the subject/body to the SentBB folder. Then at least they'll all be in one place for you to mark manually and then move back to the Sent folder.

These aren't great solutions, but it's the only thing I can think of!

Good luck.