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Well having installed the new 4.0 OS on a ATTWS 7210, here's my findings...

Foremost, if you use NotifyLink for corporate groupwise email, attachment service has quick working. I'll investigate this more from work tomorrow, but initial findings are that it is apparently disabled with the new OS. I'll get with notifylink developers on this as well sometime this week to see what's up. Everything else works fine.

Network usage is MUCH improved. NotifyLink is a 3rd party app that installs it's own email client to check it's email from a server setup back next to the GW server. It polls every 3 mins from the device, and server pushes out emails/tasks/calendar updates as well (very inefficient I know, but GW doesn't have many options until BES 4.0 is released). When NL was polling previously with 3.7, the device would be almost unusable for about 30 secs if it had email to pull down. This works much better now. While it still slows some, it has become much more usable.

I still haven't been able to access the default BB browser, only the ATTWS mLife browser. This is because it's a work contract and they don't allow individuals access to online ATTWS accounts to setup BWS. Anyone know of a workaround for this? I don't care about the BWC email, just interested in the full BB browser. RBRO doesn't seem to work on the ATTWS browser either.

Brickbreaker is improved. I like the extra levels and looks of it, though the textured backgrounds make it a little harder to see the ball. Maybe they'll hash that one out in the final release....

I like the new search option. VERY handy.

I'm going to try to play with the TCP settings tomorrow... Still wondering what info to put in there. I'll investigate later on that one. Maybe it's nothing. Anyone know if you have to register with BWC to enable use of MobileSSH and webmessenger and all that?

Anyways, when I can take a look at more of it and get it fully enabled I'll post more....