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Originally Posted by beats1234
Mr. Gray

Thanks again for your reply. I'll try calling in the morning. I'm not sure what JVM is; I've definitely been getting Device Errors. I most recently got one called Device Error 43 (or 44?)

But it went off the screen as the LED went also. I've invested around 5 hours in this...I could have bought a new one had I just spent the time handing out flyers (they actually pay pretty well!) or something. Not to mention I have a rough day coming up at work tomorrow.

I actually was able to use application loader to erase data and reinstall the handheld software, but when the program went to initialize the device, I got a fatal exception. Research says that the problem was the fact that the battery wasn't in (I was apparently supposed to toss it in at that step). All this was made possible by my messing around with the cable, battery, USB port settings in control panel, plugging, unplugging, etc. Now I'm back to LED on 7 seconds, off 7 seconds, and can't get it to recognize again. Javaloader hasn't come close to "opening the port". Thanks again for your help,
hey beats: I did some research as much as i could from old posts and most likely Device error 365 is as bad as JVM 365.....hardware failure....just if you want to still feel free to call Cingular in the morning, whoever you get can check our database and tell you for sure. Just wanted to arm you w/ whatever info I could find. And if Cingular's database isn't conclusive the rep can always consult RIM (thats what I did when i had a blackberry earlier tonight w/ JVM 365).

and a little FYI: I'm female.
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