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Originally Posted by antelope
"Bus 002 Device 009: ID 0fca:0006 Research In Motion, Ltd."

but again it's still not behaving like a modem although it does not automount after disabling mass storage on the phone :P
I had an exchange with the developer of Barry a bit ago when I was getting bcharge to work for the Pearl (see here: and it appears the problem is that the Pearl doesn't expose the modem portion of the interface immediately; you should see *two* entries in lsusb for the RIM device, one that's the mass storage and the other that's the ttyACM0 (sic) interface. Even if you set the Pearl to *not* use Mass Storage, it still presents the usb-storage interface when plugged in, which the kernel then grabs.

His one suggestion was to try actually removing (physically move the kernel module file) for usb-storage so that the kernel can't load it and see what happens; I have not tried this yet, just haven't gotten around to it. I'm just happy the thing charges right now at the proper 500mA with bcharge installed.

For management of data, I use SyncML for all my handsets; no need at all for desktop apps. See one of my posts here:
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