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Verizon passing on the iPhone was just one of a big box of evidence out there that the iPhone is all hype and will be a dud. I just don't think the product is such a surefire hit that Verizon would agree to any terms Apple might demand.

Some BBF members labeled our negative comments about the iPhone as lies, unfounded speculation, stupidity, diatribe, [and some other highfalutin jabs or insults].

Although I do not know any of the details, I suspect Verizon looked at the iPhone in detail and determined it was not going to be a hit. I am sure they just did not flippantly pass on the opportunity.

And it seems to me that Apple then had to "beg" Cingular to take it. Cingular said OK, but got ridiculous concessions from Apple, such as pricing, contract term, etc. [most of which will change as the units do not fly off the shelf]. I think any exclusive terms that Cingular obtained were entered into to account for the roller coaster ride the phone may take the first few years.

And as I said in the Pearl section, with so much criticism about the iPhone, as compared to praise, I don't think that bodes well for sales in June. In a sense the iPhone will be DOA. Yes, those dedicated to anything Apple who will buy it, but other than those few, I don't think the phone will do well.

As far as predictions, I'll go on record that the two things that will kill the iPhone are 1) the touchscreen; and 2) the built-in battery.

Fact is, consumers don't like touch screens. They don't work that well [did you see the Prada demo and how many errors he made when trying to use the touchscreen]. If there is going to be a touch screen interface the device should also have a keyboard. This combination has been better received by consumers [e.g., the iPaq and other PDAs with keyboards and touchscreen interfaces]. Touchscreen only = flop. Simply put, touch screens are crap for doing any kind of typing. So unless one wants the iPhone strictly as a "fun multi-media device," it is doomed as a phone for texting or e-mails.

And who is going to want to clean their phones every hour because the panel will be nothing but a big grease trap.

On the battery, I think it's a misguided move to sell a multi-media device that also doubles as a phone, with a battery that cannot be removed for charging and another put in its place.

It's one thing to have some multi-media device or camera go out because one does not have additional batteries to use. You just toss it aside and say "Oh well, no more juice."

But if the battery goes out on a cell phone and one cannot insert another, that's serious if the phone cannot be used. I just think that will cause all kinds of problems, especially in emergencies.

I can't recall ever seeing a cell phone that did not have a removable battery. Why on earth Apple in 2007 would come out with a phone with a non-removable battery is beyond me, especially in light of the load and strain a multi-media/cell phone device will place on the battery.

I guess some BBF members can continue to believe the iPhone is so innovative that it will [or has] caused other manufacturers to freak out and go back to the drawing board. But it seems to me that such Members are in the extreme minority considering that most reviews, discussions and comments about the iPhone are negative. And such comments and reviews are not from bashers of anything Apple, but from respected people in the industry.

Like I said before, wish there was a pool on what will happen with the iPhone. I could take some money from some people who don't know better but think they know it all.

We shall see.

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