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I have toyed with that idea, but it isn't really required for my application. In any event, the problem wasn't so much "how to access the screen", but rather, how to pass data from other applications.

Right now I am using a RuntimeStore object (a string) which I append to. The problem is that when I show the screen it does not get updated in realtime.

Other applications write to the debug screen by calling:
DebugScreen.DebugMessage("This is my message");
The OptionsProvider creates the screen when required, and the constructor creates a RichTextField.

class DebugScreen /*...*/{
   private static RichTextField _output;
   /* ... */
   public DebugScreen(){
      /* ... */
      String strCurrOutput = /* Get from runtime store */
      _output = new RichTextField("Started...\n" + strCurrOutput);

   /* ... */
   public void DebugMessage(String msg){
      /* add msg to runtimestore object */
      if(_output != null){
        _output.setText( textfromruntimestore );
When I first open the debug screen, I get all debug messages that were present in the runtime store (no problem there). The problem is that while the window is open, it never gets updated!

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