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Default BES 4.0 SP1 for Exchange now available!

Please Login to Remove!

Service Pack 1 for BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0 for Microsoft Exchange is now available for download.

Please visit to access the service pack and a list of fixed issues, software updates, and additional information.

Thank you,

Research In Motion Limited
Tel: 1-877-255-2377
Email: [email address]
Functional changes
Unicode Worldwide Character Standard support
• ability to import and export BlackBerry Enterprise Server system server information containing Unicode characters
• ability to perform administrative commands on a user with a user name containing Unicode characters
• ability to export user properties and statistics containing Unicode characters to a file

Multi-page TIFF image support
• ability to view multi-page TIFF image attachments on BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds™ running BlackBerry® Handheld Software version 4.0 Service Pack 2 and newer

Fixed issues
BlackBerry Alert Service
SDR 41637
Previously, when a BlackBerry Alert Service notification was initiated, an Event 10000 message indicating that the BlackBerry Alert Service “Could not open the registry key ‘Software\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\BESAlert’” was written to the Microsoft® Windows® Application Log on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

BlackBerry Attachment Service
Previously, if an error occurred in the image library during an attachment view request, the request appeared to complete successfully in the BlackBerry Messaging Agent logs, but remained in the pending status on the handheld.

SDR 35783
Previously, when opening image attachments in messages, the image title could not be toggled when using the "U" hot key on the handheld.

Configuration database
SDR 48844, SDR 46164
Previously, certain database triggers might have caused a deadlock to occur between several BlackBerry Enterprise Servers sharing the same configuration database. In certain circumstances, this deadlock resulted in non-responsive threads.

SDR 45626
Previously, when upgrading the BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 3.6 to BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 4.0, the BlackBerry Mobile Data Service started for several seconds, and then stopped running.

BlackBerry Manager
SDR 39344
Previously, in certain circumstances, license key changes were not reflected correctly in the BlackBerry Manager Properties window.

BlackBerry Mobile Data Service
SDR 45878
Previously, if NTLM authentication was used to connect to a NetApp proxy server, a 407 error message was displayed on the handheld when the user attempted to open a web page.

SDR 45737
Previously, the Mobile Data Service had to be restarted when the access control settings were changed in the BlackBerry Manager, in the Mobile Data Service Properties window.

SDR 41000
Previously, the WML transcoder failed when the non-latin 1 encoded files were submitted to the Mobile Data Service for transcoding.

SDR 40971
Previously, the Mobile Data Service was unable to transcode WML files with URLs that did not have space characters in the comment block.

SDR 40615
Previously, if users requested content on their handheld and HTTP authentication was disabled, a 407 error message did not appear on the handheld

SDR 39850
Previously, the Mobile Data Service did not render images on the handheld correctly when invalid and unsafe URLs were contained in the requested content. When invalid and unsafe URI characters were contained in the HTML page, the Mobile Data Service was unable to retrieve the images.

SDR 39808
Previously, when users attempted to log in to Microsoft .net passport on the handheld, the HTML content that was requested was recognized by the Mobile Data Service web server as WML (text/vnd.wap.wml), which caused the Mobile Data Service to send an HTTP 500 error message to the handheld.

SDR 39757
Previously, the Mobile Data Service was unable to transcode .png images that contained 256 colours in the palette table.

SDR 39659
Previously, when a web site identified a .jpeg image URL incorrectly as a .gif, the Mobile Data Service was unable to transcode the image correctly.

BlackBerry Policy Service
SDR 31671
Previously, after generating a new encryption key when Triple DES encryption was disabled through IT policy, the IT policy was automatically resent to the handheld more than once, forcing users to connect their handheld to their desktop computer more than once.

BlackBerry Synchronization Service
SDR 36067
Previously, in certain circumstances, the BlackBerry Synchronization Service sent data to the handheld before the handheld received an “Initialization” response.

Setup program
SDR 40986
Previously, in certain circumstances, when upgrading the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, a user-specified installation directory reverted back to the default installation directory, C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

SDR 40793
Previously, if Microsoft SQL Server replication was enabled on the configuration database before upgrading the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, the configuration database upgrade did not complete.

SDR 40469
Previously, in certain circumstances, when upgrading the configuration database, the upgrade program might not have used the correct ODBC datasource, which caused the database upgrade to fail.

SDR 38355
Previously, when upgrading the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, the log directory specified before the upgrade changed to the default directory.

SDR 21633
Previously, if you configured the BlackBerry Enterprise Server on a computer that did not have the required Microsoft Exchange administration client, the configuration proceeded without the expected MAPI profile creation errors.

Wireless activation
SDR 41161
Previously, in certain circumstances, when performing a wireless activation, the Browser Channels database might not have been restored.

Wireless calendar synchronization
SDR 38626
Previously, in certain circumstances, recurring appointments that contained Chinese characters in the subject, location, and notes fields could not be deleted from the handheld wirelessly.

SDR 38237
Previously, if an invitee made a change to a recurring meeting from the handheld, the change did not synchronize on the desktop.

SDR 24576
Previously, when a user was removed from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, and then added to the server after wireless enterprise activation, the initial synchronization of calendar data added duplicate appointments to the handheld and desktop.

Wireless PIM synchronization
SDR 41317
Previously, in certain circumstances, a "Received a duplicate packet" message was continuously written to the Synchronization Service log.

SDR 40129
Previously, the Backup/Restore data functionality did not synchronize correctly when remapping to a user ID that already existed.

Known issues
BlackBerry Attachment Service
SDR 50045
When a server side text search is performed on an attachment received on a handheld that contains the text string, zero results are returned.

SDR 48451
In certain circumstances, a request to view a Microsoft Excel attachment that contains a very large cell might fail and an “An unknown error was encountered” message displays on the handheld.

SDR 48092
In certain circumstances, a request to view a PDF attachment on the handheld might time out.

SDR 44322
If the registry key located at HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\BBAttachSer ver\Parameters\EnableLog is not set to 5, the BlackBerry Attachment Service and Attachment Conversion logs are not generated.

BlackBerry Configuration Panel
SDR 47641
In certain circumstances, if the “Debug Log Maximum Daily file Age” setting is set to 1 for some components in the BlackBerry Configuration Panel, and the date on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server computer is moved ahead two days, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server saves three days of logs instead of two days.

SDR 36471
When modifying the configuration settings for the Attachment Service, clicking Apply does not apply the changes and the Configuration Panel does not prompt you to restart the Attachment Service.
Workaround: Restart the Attachment Service in the BlackBerry Manager.

BlackBerry Handheld Configuration Tool
SDR 49173, SDR 49165
In certain circumstances, if a third-party application fails to send to the handheld wirelessly, if changes are made to the software configuration and is resent to the handheld, the resend fails and displays that the application is already queued in the BlackBerry Policy Service logs.

BlackBerry Manager
SDR 47903
The Mobile Data Service log level settings are missing from the Mobile Data Service Properties window in the BlackBerry Manager.

SDR 47518
If you add and enable a user to a Push Role in the Mobile Data Service Properties window, and then close the window, when you reopen the window to view the user that was just added and enabled, a different username displays.

SDR 46941
In certain circumstances, when a peer-to-peer encryption key is sent to a handheld using the BlackBerry Manager, the peer-to-peer encryption key cannot be removed from the handheld using the BlackBerry Manager.

SDR 46334
When three 5 user SMB licenses are added to the BlackBerry Manager and a 5 user SMB upgrader license is applied, the upgrader will not upgrade the licenses and displays a "The existing license permits a maximum of 15 users. The license key would exceed the limit and thus cannot be added to the license manager" message in the BlackBerry Manager.

SDR 41881
When setting the “Automatically refresh user list every” setting on the Advanced tab of the BlackBerry Manager Properties to a value other than None, the user list is not updated to reflect the users’ current statistics. In addition, right-clicking a user within the user list, and then clicking Refresh does not update the user’s statistics.
Workaround: In the BlackBerry Manager, right-click a server, and then click Refresh.

BlackBerry Messaging Agent
SDR 49649
In certain circumstances, the Messaging Agent returns inaccurate SNMP values for besConfigSRPPort and besSysHealthSrpConnectedState.

BlackBerry Policy Service
SDR 44122
When assigning an IT policy that contains custom policy rules to a handheld that previously had an IT policy assigned, the IT policy fails to be sent to the handheld and an error is written to the Policy Service logs.
Workaround: Make the handheld unavailable and delete all stored information, assign the custom IT policy to the user, and reactivate the handheld.
Note: Backup all handheld information before making the handheld unavailable and deleting all stored information.

BlackBerry Router
SDR 42551
In certain circumstances, the BlackBerry Router does not start properly after being restarted.
Workaround: At the command prompt on the computer on which the BlackBerry Router is installed, type BlackberryRouter.exe –remove, and then type BlackberryRouter.exe –install.

Configuration database
SDR 49638
When peer-to-peer encryption is enabled on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 4.0, users on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 3.6, when connected to the same version 4.0 configuration database, cannot send pin messages to users on the version 4.0 server.

SDR 48851
If multiple BlackBerry Enterprise Servers connect to a single configuration database, but multiple BlackBerry Routers, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server might send incorrect BlackBerry Router information to the handheld.

Setup program
SDR 49921
The registry key, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Servers\<Servername>\SendWindowInDays, does not perform properly when created; therefore, the expiry time for messages not received on the handheld cannot be modified.

SDR 45388
When upgrading the BlackBerry Enterprise Server from an evaluation version, the configuration wizard does not write new SRP ID and SRP authentication key information to the configuration database and the new service book with SRP information is not sent to handhelds wirelessly.
Workaround: Update the SRP ID and SRP authentication key in the BlackBerry Manager.

SDR 40956
When upgrading the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, user defined log levels are not preserved during the upgrade and must be manually redefined.

SDR 37783
If the cdo.dll file is not installed and registered in the system32 directory, a warning message indicating that the file cannot be found appears.
Workaround: Verify the cdo.dll is installed and registered in C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\BIN and ignore the warning message.

SDR 31698
In certain circumstances, when upgrading the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, the database might not update if the SQL data is not located in the C:\ directory or the directory in which SQL Server is installed.
Workaround: Type the location of the database data and backup files in the installation and upgrade program.

SDR 30915
In certain circumstances, when upgrading the BlackBerry Enterprise Server from version 3.6 to version 4.0, with configuration database on separate computer, the installation program displays to the local computer as the location of the configuration database.

Wireless activation
SDR 49817
When the Password Pattern Check policy rule set to 2 and applied to a user, if you generate and send an activation password to a user, the password is missing from the activation message received on the handheld.

SDR 42171, SDR 41896
In certain circumstances, prepopulated email messages are not populated starting from the day of the wireless activation. Also, not all prepopulated email messages that display on a wirelessly-activated handheld are marked with a prepopulation flag.

SDR 37897
In certain circumstances, if you assign and activate two different users on separate BlackBerry Enterprise Servers that both use the same configuration database, the user’s PIN might not synchronize between the desktop and the database correctly.

Wireless calendar synchronization
SDR 45992
In certain circumstances, when sending a meeting request from an organizer’s computer to a handheld with a Busy status, the status of the meeting request displays as Tentative on the handheld.

SDR 43520
When creating an appointment on the handheld and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server uses CDO version 6.5.6803.0, duplicate instances of the appointment might be synchronized on the handheld.

SDR 42689
When the handheld and user computer are situated in different time zones and an occurrence of a recurring all day appointment from one time zone to another time zone is updated on the handheld, the changes are not synchronized in Microsoft Outlook®.

SDR 42215
When deleting a recurring appointment series that has an exception appointment, the exception appointment is not removed from the handheld.

SDR 37213
In certain circumstances, vCard attachments sent from a handheld that is on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 3.6 does not appear on handhelds that are on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 4.0.

Wireless PIM synchronization
SDR 46252
When changing a user’s handheld using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, the initial bulk load of handheld data is not loaded on the handheld when bypassing the wireless network.
Workaround: Turn off the wireless network bypass or activate the new handheld wirelessly and allow the initial bulk load of data to be loaded on the handheld wirelessly.

SDR 45191
When a contact is created on the handheld and the First and Last name fields are left empty, Outlook adds the contact information in the "File As" field when the contact is synchronized to Outlook, but the addition to the "File As" field is not synchronized to the handheld wirelessly.
Workaround: Run Intellisync in the Desktop Manager to populate the "File As" field for the contact on the handheld.
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