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Originally Posted by piglet
Steve quoted: "Today, I bought a Motorola H820 bluetooth headset to try out. Volume could be better, but I could hear the other party without the unit touching my CIC hearing aid. They could hear me better than the wired headset that came with it. So, it works well as a phone too."

Steve, I have a question about the headset you mentioned. Is it anything like a neckloop that works with the t-coil of hearing aids? I have one for my Nokia cell phone which I rarely use, but haven't been able to find one for the BB. I know that my 7230 doesn't have the bluetooth feature, but was wondering if I did have one with that feature, if I would be able to use a neckloop that works with hearing aids. BTW, what's a CIC hearing aid?
Unfortuneatly, I doubt it is t-coil compatible. My completely-in-canal (CIC) aid sets flush with the end of the ear canal, so the speaker portion of the H820 doesn't touch it. If it did, it would make a lot of racket.

If it were T-coil compatible and I had a behind-the-ear (BTE) aid, I'd want to wear it over my other (deaf) ear and let the t-coil signal pick it up. I hope you can find one someday!

The perfect combination I'd like is a Bluetooth hearing aid, then clip a BT microphone to my shirt. Sharing my headset with my glasses frames isn't the greatest fit.

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