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Default Blackberry on vodafone uk questions

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Sorry if this is in the wrong place :/ Coming from a windows mobile 5 background, so don't be too harsh

Interested in getting some blackberrys for a small company. My first call was to voda uk about the 8800.

I understood from others that they gave you a address to which any email sent was delivered near-instantly to the blackberrt in BES style then you could also setup pop3 polling in BIS style..

When I called and asked, they said they only did pop3 polling, I pressed and he went away, came back after speaking to his "experts" and said yeah they do sometimes give out email addresses but they're only polled anyway so however you look at it, it's 10/15 mins polling unless you buy a BES server.

Anyone know if that's correct? do they give you an email address and is it proper push out rather than poll then push?

Secondly, they're saying they provide a blackberry internet email service with "all the data allowance you'll ever need" .... 6meg. Coming from a WM5 background, that sounds laughably small to me? The guy said absolutely not, BB compresses much more and you just won't need more... true??

finally, I guess I then need a "normal data plan" for web browsing etc?

Thanks all,