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Originally Posted by nick119
thanks all for your posts. Part of me wants to wait for the camera version and part of me wants to get a new phone. I know this is covered all over the place in the forums but is there any set date as to when the camera version will be coming out? I did the same thing with the 8700 and said screw the 8700 ill wait for the 8800 and here i am a year later same 7290 and in the same shoes again! I think I may just wait for the camera version though, I miss my old camera phone a lot and the ability to recieve and send photos to friends and have a camera on hand at all times. Let me know what you think. Thanks a lot!
It is human nature to want new even if it is not needed. The 8800's build quality greatly exceeds the 8700 and you will enjoy it for sure. Like the other poster said you could ge the 8800 now and sell it in a few months when/if the camera version comes out.

It still breaks down to YOU and haw bad you want and how much you can spend