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Originally Posted by Sparkomatic
Interesting. I don't think I would have rated the Blackjack at a 3. I would give it a 7.

Even though the 8800 is now my primary device and I absolutely love it, the blackjack was rather nice to use. I never had it freeze up or hang on me. Not like the Treo 750.

My negatives would be screen size and the built in email, tasks and calendar apps. Other than that, I thought it was pretty good and the OS was very simple (I've read some don't like it cause it's much more simple than the Treo OS).

But, I posted the pics cause I like how the 8800 size and form factor compares to the Blackjack. I think any Windows/Blackjack owner would have think twice before saying the BJ is slimmer or has a better form factor now that the 8800 is out there.
First of all, thanks for the pictures as they were well done.

At first glance my rating of 3 may indeed look rather harsh. Also, as we all know it's really a matter of intended usage. For clarification I would be remiss if I rated it any higher than a 3 based on how unreliable it was overall.

What I failed to mention, is that I used the second one for three months to insure I was giving it a fair amount of time. During that three month trial, just when I thought that perhaps it was sorted out and operating properly another event would occur causing the device to fail. At that point I began to poll other users and found out that I was not experiencing something unheard of. Therefore the rating of 3.

As an early adopter and someone who is in the tech sector, I enjoy a wide variety of digital devices, camera's, laptops, mobile phones, smartphones, etc. That said, of primary importance is the performance and reliability of the product. As much as I enjoy and favor the BlackBerry Platform, I'm not blindly following them or believing that they are the "best" or "only choice". I remain very open minded and not married to any brand. In fact I hope this new release of WM6 proves to be a big improvement over the previous version. The more competition in our free enterprise system the better.

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