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So it supports... what? A specification thread about a single encoder is sort of useless to me. I need to know what file extensions the 8800 supports, what framerate, Max bitrate per different file extensions, what encoders to use.

In all actuality that MEncoder is too basic for me.

I looked for the specs on the 8100 and all I found was a how-to thread that tells how to convert using a specific program. I'm using a combination of programs including Avid, Quicktime Pro, and Final Cut.

I don't understand why there is no detailed video specifications availible on RIM's website. They say go to "" for more detailed list of supported file formats,but when I go there it's just a bunch of useless feature lists with no real specifications anywhere.

I need to know every last little nitty-gritty detail about the video playback functionality of the 8800.

I'm also interested in the speed of the SD card interface, and what it's bandwidth is on the 8800. That will be very important to smooth video playback.
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