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Originally Posted by NJBlackBerry
Actually, the people posting here with problems have found problems. No one knows what percentage of the total customer base there is.

Forums like this one tend to accentuate the negative and ignore the majority who have found no issues at all. Every technical forum I've been associated with (since the days of CompuServe) have been like that. Don't read too much into it...
Well Said!

As we both know, not only do people tend to accentuate the negative, but it's only negative according to their values and perception. Far from being a "fault" or "problem" or even "defective" it's just a matter of the personal opinion of the person writing the post.

Like any other complex product, BlackBerry's are a compromise. They have so many aspects to consider. Component cost, assembly procedure, repair access, consumer acceptance etc. Much like an automobile, it's always a balance of compromises which effect the final configuration, price and availability.

The result of which, during operation each BlackBerry model exhibits certain "characteristics" of operation. These are not faults, these are the result of compromises which much be made during the very challenging period of research, design, development, manufacturing and assembly.

So those of us that are looking for perfection, it's not going to be there. It would be impossible to mass produce a product that suited everyone perfectly, and deliver it to market with an affordable sales price. Again, there are simply too many variables. Especially when we are talking about peoples preferences.

The hundreds, of thousands that are perfectly happy with their BlackBerry and use them, but do not obsess on them, are usually those that are simply users and not enthusiasts like those of us here.

We all have our right to an opinion, and yet that doesn't mean that the device is seriously flawed. It simply means that it's one persons perspective based on their personal values and expectations.

Just some thoughts to share after reading your thought provoking well written post.

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