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Thumbs up Used the penny trick (plus others)

I removed mine using the penny trick (plus a couple other items, outlined below). I think it turned out great! Especially after the use of my secret ingredient...

Items used:
-"new-ish" penny
-nail polish remover
-cotton t-shirt
-Colgate Total Whitening Gel toothpaste (the secret ingredient)

General methodology:
1. Used nail polish remover on a q-tip and rubbed back and forth for a while over logo to try and "soften it up". Rinsed with a Q-tip soaked in water, and wiped dry. Not sure how effective this step was, looking back, but it worked out in the end.

2. Used the edge of a penny to gently rub up and down over the letters (and orange guy) only. I held the penny horizontally and rubbed vertically, so if the bottom of the phone is this ___ then I was holding the penny also like ___ and moving it ^ and v over the letters. The letters will eventually start breaking up into a fine powder which I would wipe clean regularly. I would also stop and check regularly to make sure I wasn't damaging the finish, since I've never done this before.

3. Once I'd gotten rid of most of the logo, I gave it another nail polish + rinse treatment per step 1, then continued with the penny until all colored lettering was removed (but you could still see the "ghosts" of the letters").

4. This was the best part... In trying to figure out how to get rid of the "ghosts", I decided to try some of the Colgate Total with Whitening Gel on a Q-tip, and it did a fantastic job of not only getting rid of the logo remnants, but also of polishing the area I'd been working on! I used a very minimal amount to make sure I wouldn't get any into the keyboard or the seams of the phone, then rinsed with a water Q-tip and wiped dry. Success!

Attaching a photo below. Unfortunately, I'd already applied my ShieldZone before this photo was snapped, but I can assure you that the above steps worked VERY well for me.
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