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Originally Posted by david_uk
Interesting. UK Voda CS have always told me that my UKP10/mth only buys 6Mb of BB data - ie emails/attachments - and that I need a separate "extras pack" for browsing. Mine is UKP14/mth for 13Mb, which admittedly includes texts.

Am I being charged twice?
It's a good question. They said the same to me... in fact the conversation went like:-
"10 per month, much as you like"
hmmm I heard it was 6MB ?
"yep which is all you'll ever need"
hmmmm doesnt sound much?
"it's blackberry not WM! in fact we dont even have a pounds/meg once you go over 6MB so don't worry about it"
ok so I will also have WM devices on the same plan so I'll need a data plan for them
but if I DID go over 6MB, it wouldn't eat away at the plan would it?
"erm yes it would"

so :/ looks like if you dont have a data plan you dont get charged extra, if you DO have a data plan, they eat that up