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Originally Posted by INVUJerry
Hi guys, I've had a few blackberry's, but I've just upgraded to an 8700c, and I want to finally harness all my phone is capable of. I only have one problem, and one question.
-I cannot get my browser to open! I don't have the icon anywhere.
-I don't know how to put pictures onto my blackberry from my computer, can you guys help me?

I'll probably think of more later.
Browser Issue <-------

Pictures? Simply Email yourself some jpgs. Open then as attachments. Save them.

By the way....Welcome. Make sure and get used to using the SEARCH funtion for some of your questions. Many items are answered a lot of times, and then asked over and over again.

Searching will do wonders. I DOES take practice though. The keywords can be hard to find sometimes.
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