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Originally Posted by haresh
hi folks,

i shuttle between 2 countries - to avoid long distance charges i use 2 devices (treo 750 and pearl 8100) and 2 sim cards - i keep my contacts in 2 outlook folders - 1 for 750 and 1 for 8100.

since both the devices use 2 different programs to sync with outlook, its quite easy to keep them updated.

now if i need to give up my treo 750 and switch to 8800 - how do i ensure that both the blackberrys sync with a different outlook contacts folder? can 1 desktop manager manage 2 blackberry devices with different settings?

or does that mean i have to give up the pearl and stick with treo 750 and bb 8800 combination?

sorry if the question sounds stupid ... have'nt been able to figure out a way..

any help would b greatly appreciated.

by the way, bb8800 - does it still have the issue with the calender where it does not show full day events like birthday's etc. in the home screen? i know that issue remains unresolved with pearl 8100 using the vodafone today theme.
The SIM card is really just your key to connectivity and shouldn't have anything to do with what your BB is connecting to. You SHOULD be able to use two SIMs on one BlackBerry. (Unfortunately the BB does not support two way SIMs).

Your BB connects to both BES and BIS using its PIN and IMEI numbers - both of which are on the BB - not the SIM, so once you've set it up with one SIM, it should work with the other - as long as you have BlackBerry Data Service on both SIMs.

That said, you should check with both Cingular and T-Mobile. Both have excellent global coverage. It might be worth the extra $ to not have to swap SIMs which is not the easiest thing to do! In fact, I'd recommend taking the SIM out of your Pearl to see how easy/difficult it is for you before even perusing it.