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Originally Posted by haresh
thx for your comments - appreciate it.
i'm in hong kong and shuttle between hong kong & china.
i understand that i could change sim cards but the contacts in my outlook address book include long distance dial codes ...out here we use diff companies to dial diff countries depending on their pricing.
so if i change the sim card - every time i dial, i'll have to amend the number to delete the dial out codes - hence the need to have 2 separate address books.
sorry to get long winded....
my question still remains :-
a) can i sync 2 bbs with the desktop software with DIFFERENT sync settings?
b) is the calender problem on pearl still existing with 8800?
thx again for your help.
If you're NOT on a BlackBerry ENTERPRISE Server, you MIGHT be able to sync without much trouble (no promises). However, only one BB is allowed per BES account, and switching devices would mean doing an Enterprise Activation every time you switch - something you don't want to do.

Have you checked the Smart Dialing options? Go to the Pohone, click the weel (or menu button) and select Options, then select Smart Dialing. There you can set the Country Code as well as the local Area Code and the length of a phone number (including the area code).

Here's what the 8800 User Guide has on it:
About smart dialing
You can specify default country and area codes so that any numbers that are specified as links, or any numbers in your address book that do not contain these codes, are dialed correctly.
If you call an organization frequently, you can also set your smart-dialing options so that you do not have to type the main number for the organization.
Set the default country code and area code:
  1. In the phone, press the Menu key.
  2. Click Options.
  3. Click Smart Dialing.
  4. Set the Country Code and Area Code fields.
  5. In the National Number Length field, set the default length for phone numbers in your country.
  6. Press the Menu key.
  7. Click Save.
Note: When you calculate the default length for phone numbers, include your area code and local number, but do not include your country code or the National Direct Dialing prefix.