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I'll answer:
1) No
2) If you don't like the 8700 probably not
3) I'm sure eventually, yes - depends how long you want to wait
4) 8707 only supports GSM/GPRS in North America - while "technology wise" it is the same UMTS technology used here, the frequency band that it operates on (2100) is not used AFAIK by any NA provider.

Originally Posted by vencercorp
I have read through this post and i am a "first time" Blackberry Forum virgin. I really love my BB and have the 7290 - i am not a fan of the 8700 although everyone i know has it. I do however, love the new 8707v and i see you guys were discussing. In Dummy Proof terms for me, would this 3G technology work if i purchase the 8707v say on ebay or overseas and brought it here - and connected with Cingular?
According to the agent i spoke to over the phone, she said YES it would - BUT the only thing is if it breaks, i am on my own ( that's fine ) what else is new...but other than that, it would work.
I understand the 3G is a lot faster and i am on my BB All day and night for business and frequently overload as i am doing 5 things at once on it....

1 - is it worth the buy?
2 - is the 8800 a great upgrade?
3 - is there something better to wait for?
4 - would the 8707v work here in the US (FL) and would the 3G

thanks so much!!!!!

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