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Originally Posted by amit2001
1. If I get a data plan (not BIS) on the Indian carrier, will I still be able to hit the Cingular BlackBerry servers? I am on the BIS.
Nope -- BIS is carrier-specific. Note how each carrier has its own BIS site, for example...

Originally Posted by amit2001
Basically, I take the BB to India - swap SIM cards, setup my BIS service with the local provider, and voila - my BB works with the new number and downloads all my email like usual? No other configuration setting to do on the BB itself? The Host Routing Table, BIS servers, etc - everything is on the SIM card?
That's it. You only need to mess with HRT if the service books aren't automatically pushed to your BB. Normally, this isn't an issue. Nothing's stored on the SIM card. The SIM just ties your device to your wireless account.

Originally Posted by Berry One
So, what is going to happen if I take my unlocked BIS blackberry with T-Mobile SIM and swap that SIM to Cingular SIM with blackberry data plan? Will it not just work?
It will work but you'll need to set up BIS with the new carrier. BIS won't "follow" you from carrier to carrier like BES does. See my reply to amit2001...

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