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Default DST 2007 Patch Manager Version 2.2

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I received the Draft Release Notes from one of my carrier contacts, but RIM's website still seems to be serving up version 1.5?????

Anybody know when it will be released to production?

excerpts for those of you who may not have seen:

Fixed issues
This section lists fixed issues from build 1.5 to build 2.2 for the DST 2007 Patch Manager.
Previously, occasionally using the DSTQuery.exe tool would show a device in “Awaiting Patch” state even though the patch had been “Applied”. Changes have been made to improve the patch managers reporting to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to address this.
HTTP Errors 401 (Unauthorized) and 407 (Proxy Authentication Required) will now trigger patch manager to try next available transport such as BIS, WAP or TCP (if any are available). This is relevant if a “Proxy server is restricting access to DST 2007 upgrades” as per KB12286 (BlackBerry Search Results) and there are alternate transports the device could use to access the patch.
Previously, older devices such as the BlackBerry 6750 may not show the Options-2007 DST Patch option when the patch manager is loaded.
For device software versions prior to v4.1.0.344, including v4.1.0.347, the default Application Control policy must be set to Optional (not Required) on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server’s Software Configuration to guarantee the patch is applied. Please reference <INSERT KB Article on this topic here> for further information.
The previous patch manager would download the patch, attempt to install it, the installation would fail because their specified Application Control policy did not allow the patch to be applied yet the Event Logs for the device would still incorrectly report “EVENT_PATCH_INSTALLED_NO_RESET_REQUIRED (0x15)”.
The user will be able to see this error in Options-2007 DST Patch and can attempt to retry the download once the Application Control default policy is set to Optional.
The IT Administrator would see this user/device as being in the “Awaiting Patch” state using the DSTQuery.exe tool.
Previously, when prompting to reboot there was not a space between ‘x’ and ‘of’ when showing “x of 4” prompts remaining.
Extra logging and debugging information was added.
Deploying Patch Manager v2.2 over v1.5
This section lists key things to remember when deploying Patch Manager v2.2 over top of existing Patch Manager v1.5 deployments. Please also reference relevant Knowledge Base articles located at: BlackBerry
If patch manager v1.5 is already installed on the target device then the user will be prompted to reboot when the new version 2.2 is installed.
When patch manager v2.2 is installed on top of patch manager 1.5 you may end up with multiple entries in Options-Advanced-Applications, but only one net_rim_bb_timezoneotapatcher.cod in Options-Advanced-Applications-Modules.

DST 2007 Patch Manager User Impacts
Reminder: The following user impacts may be seen when deploying the DST 2007 patch manager.
• Permission settings have become more restrictive (KB12257) - BlackBerry Search Results
• BlackBerry device user is prompted to restart after installing the 2007 DST upgrade (KB12258) - BlackBerry Search Results
• Slow synchronization process is initiated after installing 2007 DST update (KB12259) - BlackBerry Search Results
Notes/Domino 6.5x or higher, BES, DM 4.x, OS4.x, Cingular, Nextel, Sprint, Verizon, Bell, Orange, Telcel, Vodaphone devices