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Originally Posted by HuwSy
Can anyone put up either an .rpm or .deb of btool and the bb opensync plugin, as it doesnt want to work with autoconfig or automake on my computer telling me theres calls to undeclared functions. one designed for older blackberrys tho, so without the changed device id. Thanks.
The code is changing rapidly (a big LDIF overhaul is in CVS now), using a RPM/DEB would kinda hurt. Did you run the top level script ./ right after checking out the code? This is the script that actually builds the autoconf/automake files (./configure and so on) for you.

Undeclared functions usually mean that you don't have some library "devel" (name depends on distro) installed needed for compiling; for instance on Fedora, usb shared libraries are in package "libusb", but in order to compile you have to install "libusb-devel" in order to get .h (headers) and the link import libraries. If I tried to compile btool without libusb-devel installed, I'd get these undeclared functions like you have.

The udev rules in CVS support the older BB, and there's a patch in the patch section on SourceForge to add Pearl support (add, not replace) so that udev works. The code itself (btool, bcharge) supports all handsets already.
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