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Originally Posted by Stupid
Can I view attachment to a point that it is close to MS Office applications? We have charts which are about 7-10 MB that we would like to view on BB.
What are these charts - using Office lingo I assume these to be graphs in excel?
Then yes it should be possible to view them but whether they are usable at that smaller screen size then thats one that only you can make the judgerment call on (I would guess not)

Originally Posted by Stupid
How does attachment get to the device?
Via the attachment server on the BES
Originally Posted by Stupid
Does it still have size limit of 32KB?
No it has the limit set by your BESadmin.
Originally Posted by Stupid
Do I have to manually download it everytime or it's downloaded automatically?
If you have previously opened the attachemtn then it is marked with a tick next to it when selecting "open attachment" (I assume it's been rendered and cached on the BES) - if you click view it then opens in milliseconds.
Originally Posted by Stupid
If manually, how long does it take to download 1MB file?
Quite a while..Suggest you test to see if it delivers the usanbility requirements YOU have. only YOU can make that judegement call

ps. next time number your questions, makes it easier to answer (1) blah (2) blah de blah etc..
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