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Originally Posted by oester
How would you know? If it goes through a soft reboot, it's only off for 3-5 seconds, and the screen comes back to where it was before. Or if it occurs overnight, how would you know?
If my 8800 Blackberry decides to reboot itself at 1am in the morning, I could care less. What it does when I am not looking does not concern me.

What I can say for sure is after using it for 11 days it has not one time done this while I was using it. I have not had a single dropped call or error message. After deleting the included video I have had 29330364 memory free and have not seen it go much below this. I have pulled the battery twice to see if the memory free changed greatly and it did not.

These forums tend to report the bad news the most and from what I have seen the vast majority of the 8800 users are not have soft or hard unexpected reboots.

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