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Default let me clarify

The 3pm appointment was just an example.

1) I have set my 8700 to update via Blackberry, via the network, and to 'off' at various times. The problem remains.

2) My computer is NOT set to update it's clock automatically.

3) This does not happen all the time. I generally don't notice until I run across something at first glance. Then I have to scroll through the next 12 months and double-check everything.

4) The problem seems to be more persistent with recurring appointments. A class I take every Tuesday at 7:30, and Boston Legal at 10, for example, keep moving either an hour ahead or an hour behind.

5) All day events (like birthdays) somehow wind up moving an hour ahead or behind. This causes them to span 2 days. At that point it's up to my Ginko-deficient memory to remember where the event belongs. That has not been pretty...

I am about to upgrade to the Cingular handheld OS. Maybe that will fix something.
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