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The service books should push automatically but sometimes they don't or something happens to the service books and they're not pushed correctly. You can use the Host Routing Table method or log into your carrier's BIS site and hit the Resend Service Books button. In some rare cases, you'll need your carrier's data support group do this for you.

Originally Posted by livspop
There is A LOT of helpful info on this site. That said, I have noticed that there is an element on this site that is not very tolerant of "newbies" asking what they consider questions that can be "easily" found by searching. I am a member of a lot of forums, but some members on this one are, by far, the "least friendly" in terms of helping people with general questions.
It's tricky to maintain a balance to keep the signal/noise ratio just right. There really are a lot of informative resources that do answer many of the common questions and some of them, like the stickies always get overlooked by newbies. It's not surprising to me that certain questions get really old very quickly but insisting on searching doesn't really help but at the same time the newbies do need to figure out how to get to reference sources and use them. I wish that there were better links to because it's definitely very useful for newbies.

Personally, I don't have problems with people who seem to have read up and are still having issues but there are clearly a lot of people who apparently can't be bothered to do their own homework...

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