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Thumbs up Voice memo software roundup -send voice notes, vr+ and vnotes compared

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I read a detailed review that lists all features and does a fair comparison and thought will share with you:
Voice memo software roundup

Quoting from the roundup:
Myself use Blackberry for company affairs, one functionality that was missing with older devices were voice memo taking (one 71xx model had it but I could not get that device that time) and was used heavily by me in my new Pearl 8100. The Blackberry is bundled with the ‘Send Voice Note’ application, but that comes with many limitations that made me look for alternatives, my search ended with two products that provided improved facilities for voice memo - ‘Voice Recorder+’ from SHAPE Services and ‘vNotes’ from Dollars 5 Complete. I myself ran a trial preview of both and decided to write a review of my findings that might helped me decide on my purchase and sharing it here for others to use this as a comparative review of different products before you commit with a purchase.

RIM - Blackberry bundled - Send Voice Note:

This is a bundled software that comes together with the Pearl, but allows user to send their recordings as MMS to other phone numbers. The software is very basic in functionality and is lacking many features normally a professional like me would expect to have.

SHAPE Services - Voice Recorder+:

This is a good piece of software that comes from German company that also has many mobile software. VR+ in short; has the facility of saving the recording to card or memory and view it latter, also allows me to send this as an attachment in an e-mail. Recording log, preview of recording, file-rename are some other features that are offered.

Dollars 5 Complete - vNotes:

This is also a good piece of software from a relatively new player in mobile applications; but their multiPlay for pearl is very popular and many seem to use. Coming back to vNotes - it also features saving to card and memory, recording listing, sending recording file as attachment, preview, file-rename, multiple record formats and tons of features bundled with it. One striking feature is the ability to tag the recordings that can view the tags to remember what the recording was meant for. And it comes with a neat user interface and good customer support too.

Roundup of features:
(unfortunately the table does not fit in here properly so please visit

Final Words o the Roundup:

The review were prepared based on the features available, and customer experience that we experienced as beta testers for both products and after purchasing the products when released. I should thank my friend Kyle for volunteering to purchase vNotes and I made a VR+ purchase just to make the review full with customer experience too.

All parts of the software were throughly tested in two devices in 3 stages: beta software version, trial software version and fully licensed version.


The kind of features offered by ‘Send Voice Note’ makes us look for a full featured voice memo application, so the winner is the one that offers more features not just in software alone but also through customer support. Features wise, both third party software had competing features but the vNotes facilities were outstanding and just the company - Dollars 5 Complete; also though seemed to be a new entrant into mobile applications business; provided added features and more customer interaction than SHAPE services. Also Dollars 5 provided more support channels with a transparent and additional support forums. Cost wise for $10.00 (almost half the price of the VR+) what vNotes provides makes vNotes a clear winner. The result rating would be vNotes - WINNER - 8.5/10; Voice Recorder+ - Runner up - 6.5/10 and Send Voice Note - Runner up - 4/10
I had to totally agree with the review as I tested the trial of both software and purchased vnotes myself. Not because of the price, but for features. The support and speed at which my suggestions are delivered really amazes; at some instance; they surprised me with same day qa version with my suggestion added

Atleast we now have a developer who hears us. They also seem to have some open source projects brewing and are gathering idea in their forum.

A good read too..