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Originally Posted by erroneus
because I'll be flying to Japan tomorrow
*jealous* Can I come? I'm super harajuku friendly.

Here's the problem. I encoded two movies down to BB size but these are formatted for wide-screen display. What do I need to change to make it look right on my BB display? Right now, they come out squished up horizontally.
Ugh, never a fun problem; this is the dreaded 16:9 <=> 4:3 conversion problem (if I read/understand your post correctly). Help me out here -- are you saying the original movie is in 4:3 format and it's coming out 16:9, or the other way around? No, wait... ok this line:

RES=240:180 a 4:3 ratio. So, it sounds like you have a 16:9 movie -- what you want to do is adjust that ratio set to be 16:9, so maybe:


...which is a 16:9 ratio exactly (well, exact as my little TI calculator can do ). I bet that'll get rid of your squishedness.
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