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Originally Posted by greggebhardt
It would be VERY easy for your GPS to tell the towers that it "talking to all the time", your coordinates if told too. Your GPS is only a receiver but couple it with a cell phone and your got a powerful tracking tool, if required!
That's true, BUT, the towers don't need a GPS receiver on your phone to do that. They can figure it our pretty accurately by measuring signal strengths from several towers and then using triangulation. That's how the E-911 feature on all phones works. Even the most low-tech featureless wireless phone will give you away. It isn't the GPS that makes the diffrerence.

Though I think I now understand what you're talking about. The E-911 triangulation method is reserved for official law enforcement and rescue operations. Your company would have a hard time getting access to that information. If the BES is configured so your GPS-enabled phone gave your GPS-derived coordinates every few minutes...yeah, that bites.

Time to go find that aluminum foil...